Integrated Power Management System

TMACS PMS is special designed for refit installations.

Fully redundant multi-master system for fuel-efficient engine operation.

TMACS PMS is integrated in TMACS 2000.

Main Switchboard component from our partner Deif

DEIF’s Protection and Power Management 3 (PPM-3) is a market
leading Power Management System (PMS) standard suitable for a broad
range of marine applications with up to 16 diesel generators, two shaft generators, two shore connections, eight bus tie breakers and two emergency/harbour generators including bus tie breaker control and the possibility of wrapped busbar applications.


Key benefits

– Diesel generator monitoring and control
– Diesel engine safety and start/stop
– Generator load in KW and %
– Bus line voltage and frequency control
– Automatic synchronization and load sharing
– Generator voltage and frequency control
– Symmetric or asymmetric load sharing
– Advanced load-dependent start/stop calculations
– Separation of alarm, control and safety
– Single or multiple switchboard control
– Heavy consumer handling and preferential trip
– Automatic start and connect after blackout
– Automatic line frequency adjustment
– System for fuel-efficient engine operation

Product description

Heavy consumer management
The heavy consumer management functions are available to ensure sufficient power capacity to handle the load either in terms of number of gensets or by soft starting the load. Available power can be reserved for heavy consumers with variable load, e.g. bow thrusters.

If a certain level of available power on the busbar is required to connect a heavy consumer, a function is available for starting additional generators. Furthermore, relays can be configured to activate when a specific
level of available power is reached.

Load-dependent operation
The load-dependent starting and stopping of the gensets are based on a power available calculation. The
next generator will start when the available power decreases below the adjustable set point. It will stop when
too much power is available.

Priority selection
The start/stop priority of the diesel generators can be set in different ways:
– Manual selection with the 1st PRIOR push-button on each diesel generator
– Running hours
-Fuel-optimizing calculating the best combination of generator kW size and
the plant load. Works with up to 16 gensets.

Save fuel, man power and money

The PMS ensures fuel-, time- and cost-efficient power management.
The various operating modes can be selected or deselected as
requested by the user.

Human Machine Interface

The PMS is fully integrated in TMACS alarm and control system
Designed specifically for marine & offshore environments as the most
intuitive and user-friendly HMI for visualization and active control for multiple applications