TMACS PMS – Team Maritime Alarm & Control System Power Management System


Together with our partner Deif, we deliver well proven solutions for Power Management. TMACS PMS can be delivered as a standalone system, or fully integrated in our TMACS Engine System.

TMACS Engine is a modern IAS system with remote access and cloud function

Diesel Generator

Start/stop, synchronization and protection of diesel generators. If an alarm appears on the generator while connected to the switchboard, the power management system starts a standby generator and disconnects the faulty one. TMACS PMS can also control emergency and harbor generators.

Heavy consumer logic

Always makes sure that when a heavy load is connected to the switchboard, there is enough available power. If there are insufficient power to start a heavy load, extra generators are started.

Shore connection

TMACS PMS can synchronize your main switchboard to shore making it possible to change to shore connection without having a blackout, and saves your fuel while docked.

Blackout Recovery

If a blackout occurs, standby generator is started and connected to the switchboard.

Hybrid power solutions

We also offers solutions for hybrid power.

Switchboard control

Integrates switchboard protection with switchboard control. TMACS PMS controls both bus-tie breakers and generator breakers.

Secure remote maintenance

We always include remote access opportunity as a part of our delivery. This can be used for support, updates, assistance, maintenance or analysis and reduces service and travel costs. The connection is established through a VPN tunnel to a highly secure gateway unit on site. The unit can block any incoming connections with a simple key switch.

Key benefits

  • Competitive pricing
  • Fully integrated with our other TMACS Systems
  • Integrated switchboard protection
  • Compact installation
  • Modular design
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Easy operation
  • Well proven technology