We have used all our practical knowhow to make a new smart, highly reliable and simply to install system.

TMACS is special designed for refit installations

Key benefitshovedmotor
– Competitive pricing
– Easy installation
– Easy to use
– Class approved
– Availability and price of spare parts
– Safe and simple back-up restoring
– Simple extension / updating

Product description
– Up to 500 alarm Points
– Alarm and Control
– Watch calling system
– Dead man alarm
– Alarm printer
– Multipurpose stand-alone system
– Distributed I/Odeviasjon_tmacs

Typical system application
– Engine alarm system
– Watch calling and Dead man alarm
– Control (I.E pumps, fans, light )
– Cargo tank gauging
– Tank pressure measurement
– Tank temperature measurement
– Cargo Line/Manifold pressure
– Ballast tank measurement
– Service tanks
– Vapour pressure alarm and monitoring
– Draft, Trim and List indication
– Independent High/High-High level alarm system
– Exhaust gas monitoring with deviation view
– Flooding and bilge system
– Fuel consumption monitoring system
– Multipurpose stand-alone system



Sensor types
– Digital in/out
– Analogue 4 to 20mA / -10-10V
– Pt100/Pt1000
– T802
– Modbus
– Other communication protocols




The Team Maritime TMACS system use the latest version of the highly reliable PLC’s made by Saia.
The system has communication and redundancy possibilities making the ships operation safe.
Spare parts for the TMACS are standard parts available from any supplier around the world, always securing low spare part prices.
The system runs on a 24VDC/230VAC power supply which is connected to two internal backup batteries in case of a power failure. An alarm printer can be connected directly to the PLC with RS-232, and the printer operates without interference from the panels.
Web panels are used to give operators the information they need to perform different actions. The web panels communicate with the PLC by TCP/IP protocol through an Ethernet switch that connects panels and PLC to a LAN. It is also possible to use a computer for monitoring.
Programming of the TMACS is done by a user friendly configuration program.


TMACS Watch Calling System (optional)

The system also has an extended alarm system that is used for managing on-duty selection and indication.
Satisfy E0-clasification for watch callingwatchcallECR

ECR panel
The ECR panel is the main panel in the system. It has an alarm page, limit page, fault page and the watch calling system. The watch calling system contains functions for selecting engineer on duty or ECR watch, call all engineers and harbour mode. It also has indication for system failure.watchbridge

Bridge panel
The bridge watch panel has indicators for indicating engineer on duty or ECR watch, call all engineers, harbour mode, cabin ack, repeat alarm, system failure and group alarms. Additional the panel has an alarm list showing the last 3 alarms.

2nd engineer



Engineer panel
The engineer’s panels have indicators for Group alarms, engineer on-duty, harbour mode, system failure, call from engine and call from bridge.


All panels
The extended alarm is also programmed so that each panel can have an external buzzer in addition to the integrated buzzer in the panel. At night or off duty, each panel has a “Dim light” button for turning off the backlight on the panel.
Each panel can be designed for the actual vessel.



Power supply: 24 VDC or 230 VAC with battery back-up
I/O: Maximum 500. Possible remote I/O (RIO) for distributed signals
Approval: Approval by all major class. EO system with cabin and dead man alarm system
Communication: TCP/IP and serial lines RS232/485/422
Protocols: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, ASAP, NMEA0183
Display/Monitor: Micro Browser WEB panel 7″,10,4” and 12,1”
Led backlight with adjustable contrast
Protection IP65 front
Computer with monitor: all standard monitors can be used.
Flash: Flash with back-up of configuration and mimic for easy restore.
Printer: Alarm printer LX-300 directly connected to PLC.

Control option: Taylor made controls for pump, light, fans, motors, valves etc
Mimic option: Taylor made mimic.