Service & Support

Onboard service and remote support is one of our main services. We’re always doing our upmost for ensuring that our customers are satisfied. This is one of Team Maritime’s main values. We believe that by always be available and by giving good support we’re building good relationships with our customers.  

We offer experienced engineers and are ready to support and service following systems:

  • All TMACS systems
  • Kongsberg/Autronica systems
  • Alarm & Control systems: KM-1, KM-2, KM-3, KD-10, KD-20 and KD-30
  • Cargo systems: GL-90, GL-100, Autrocargo
  • Autronica Fire systems: BX-20, BV-20, BX-40, BS-100, AutroSafe, AutroPrime including sensors and detectors
  • Sensors: GT-pressure / level sensors, temperature sensors, zener barriers, radars, high level sensors etc.
  • Norcontrol systems
  • Other systems and automation / instrumentation equipment upon request

Remote Support / Service

We always include remote access opportunity as a part of our delivery for all new systems. This can be used for support, updates, assistance, maintenance or analysis and reduces service and travel costs. The connection is established through a VPN tunnel to a highly secure gateway unit on site. The unit can block any incoming connections with a simple key switch. This solution can be ordered and installed for older systems as well. 

Additional services

In addition to service and support we offer experienced engineers ready to serve you for:

  • Engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Surveys
  • Assistance for NKKK surveys

Customers feedback

Some of the feedback sent to us by our customers after successfully helping them to solve their problems:

“Many thanks for your valuable advices and excellent remote support.”

“Thanks a lot for the excellent support and assistance.”

“Many thanks to Team Maritime for their support and assistance.”