Professional service onboard ships and offshore rigs:

Assistance for NKKK or SGS surveys

Our main product is technical service of automation / instrumentation equipment supplied by various companies. As an independent actor in the market are we able to serve shipowners, shipbuilders and shipyards at a competitive price.
Our engineers are the best trained and most experienced engineers available. With extensive experience with Autronica and Kongsberg Maritime equipment, as well as know-how about most electronic systems installed onboard ships.

Team Maritime has long experience with preparing and assisting ship owners when they have survey from companies like NKKK or SGS.

We are normally attending the ship prior to the survey making a complete check and calibration of the systems, and if necessary repairing or adjusting errors. Presenting a fully operational system to the surveyor, ensuring a quick and smooth survey.

Most experienced engineers for highly competitive prices.

Autronica / Kongsberg

Alarm and control systems , KM-1 KM-2 KM-3,KD-10, KD-20 and KD-30, engineers handling Autronica systems since 1982 is ready to serve you.

Cargo systems, GL-90, GL-100, Autrocargo, experienced engineers handling Autronica cargo systems since 1985, is ready to serve you.

Sensors, GT- pressure/ level sensors, MN/MB temperature sensors experienced engineers handling Autronica sensors since 1980 is ready to serve you.

Fire, BX-20, BV-20, BX-40, BS-100, and sensors.

Autronica KD-10 service, spares and support have been handled by Team Maritime since 2005.